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FIFA Is EA’s Only Switch Game Until “The Platform Launches and Takes Off”

EA is supporting the Switch, but further development isn’t happening until the Switch is a success. [Source: usgamer.net ]

After 27 years, a secret technique for defeating enemies in Super Mario World has just been found

Big Boo doesnt seem nearly as scary anymore. [Source: en.rocketnews24.com ]

One Thing That Both The Nintendo Switch And Xbox One Do Better Than The PS4

For a video game console, it’s even more absurd given just how large video games are these days. Since gamers are downloading more and more video games ra...

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Tonally Different to Uncharted 4; Gameplay Going a Little More Wide

Naughty Dog has recently shed some more light on upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End story expansion, The Lost Legacy. [Source: powerupgaming.co.uk ]

Randy Pitchford Tweets Battleborn Porn, is Immediately Trolled by Overwatch Fans

Randy Pitchford’s attempt to put a spotlight on Battleborn porn has backfired in a big way. [Source: craveonline.com ]

Matchmaking And Creating Lobbies On Nintendo Switch Will Be Done Through Nintendos Smart Phone App

ThisGenGaming says “In a recent interview, Reggie confirmed that Nintendo Switch’s matchmaking and creating lobbies will be done through their smart...

Xbox One beats PlayStation 4 and mobile gaming in Decembers ad spend

Consoles blew their mobile counterparts out of the water [Source: venturebeat.com ]

Estimates Suggest PS4 Has Sold More than Double the Number of Xbox Ones Overall

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has sold more than double the amount of Xbox One consoles worldwide, according to recently revealed estimates. [Source: powerupgaming...

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