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PlayStation Franchises That Sony Should Revive Next | From The Legend of Dragoon to Syphon Filter

The Legend of Dragoon, SOCOM, Resistance, and Syphon Filter are a few PlayStation franchises that deserve a modern revival. [Source: gamerevolution.com ]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfares game engine is put through its paces

IW: By now youre probably very familiar with the launch trailer, as well as the smattering of screenshots released showing the new game. Just to reaffirm what y...

Watch Dogs Legion: You can play as 9 million different characters (or more)

Shelley Johnson, associate producer on Watch Dogs Legion, discusses Watch Dogs Legion – including the way playable NPCs are generated, and the total numbe...

Cory Barlog discusses almost cutting Kratos from God of War 2018

Kratos might seem inextricable from God of War, but Sony Santa Monica considered dispensing with him early on in the PS4 reboot’s development, fearing tha...

Cyberpunk 2077 requires 80GB of disk space on PS4; 4K Confirmed for Xbox One X

We know the estimated disk space required for Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation 4, and the resolution it will use on Xbox One X. The sources of this information are...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Pay to Win Feature Added Into Blackout in Latest Patch, Community Outraged

In today’s Black Ops 4 patch, Treyarch introduced Blackjack Stashes in Blackout, and it made the mode somehow pay to win, and the community is super upset...

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for July

Vie for the title in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 or enjoy some classic arcade racing in Horizon Chase Turbo. [Source: blog.us.playstation.com ]

Astral Chain is the start of a trilogy

According to IGN Benelux, Taura said that Astral Chain is the start of a trilogy. [Source: translate.google.com ]

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