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初颜 – The Prototype

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T’was A. D. 2007.
When the fundamentals of Time Traveling were unveiled by the human kind.

Eight years later, Masato Gu, then an aspiring young scholar of the prestigious Suthermore University, lost his beloved fiancee in a rather fishy laboratory accident. To save his lover, the scientist devoted five years to inventing what would later be banned by law – The Time Machine. Return to the past and change the track of history – that was what he had planned.

Yet at the very night when the Time Machine was completed, Masato was drawn into a murder case, which sullied his name as he was framed as the culprit. Racing against time to prove his innocence, Masato finds himself sinking deeper into the center of a giant whirlpool, where the unseen powers try to outwit each other with all their eyes focused on the Time Machine, his precious invention…

Is what happened five years ago really an accident? Can everything be redeemed by returning to the past?
Who is the friend, and who is the foe?
In a game of secrecy and betrayal, will hatred prevail…or love?

Come and behold…hereto lies the striking truth sealed by the Time.

Find yourself becoming Masato Gu – our desperate physicist, and strive to clear an unjust murder charge as you run out of time. Try to eventually succeed and discover the truth about that accident in which you lost your love with the Time Machine!

1. Plot Branches

Explore a variety of branch options throughout the game and fully immerse yourself into the gripping story. Choose your own path to one of the multiple endings and navigate your own fate.

2. Deductions

Exercise the little grey cells as you lead the protagonist to infer the truth out of what seems to be a maze…Enjoy the moment when all knots are neatly untied.

3. On-site Investigation

Wander through the massive map freely and collect items crucial to your deduction. Discover puzzles hidden in the scenes and as well the clues to solving them!

4. Puzzles

Multiple innovative or classic intellectual puzzles are embedded in a traditional visual novel gameplay; solve the puzzles by discovering on-site clues and brainstorming!

5. Smartphone

Get equipped with the smartphone now – with an address book & memo & map installed. Record everything you need to proceed in the story without missing one detail.

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初颜 – The Prototype

Find yourself becoming Masato Gu - a desperate young physicist, and try to discover the truth about a lab accident five years ago in which you lost your love, with the Time Machine! But before that, will you succeed in clearing an unjust murder charge before running out of time…?

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