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大逃亡专家/Escape Expert

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How about this game?
Maybe it is not very good compared with other 3A big game, but I make this game depended on my design only, every indie game maker is developing a game based on their own thinking only, no effect from others. I didn’t say everyone would like it, I am developing this game, if someone like it then buy it, if someone don’t like it ,don’t buy it, no problem for me, even you want to refund.

Why develop this game? How it look like at the begining version?
At the begining, four months age, I was studying in UTS in Australia Sydney. It is my last semester, I was doing game designing and programing. Making a 3D game with some topic is my assignment. I chose touch screen and mobile platform as my topic, then made this game’s begining version as my assignment. After that, I have more ideas about this game, and I am interested to continue to develop it individually. I found that, mobile phone is no longer enough to support this 3D game, so I develop it only for PC now. After that, I found that if I have no any income, I can’t make it in long-term development, even though I really like it, so I chose Steam to publish my game. After that again, I found two friends for help in part-time, one of them can make models for me. We all are unprofessional, no any income now, but we are very enjoying to develop this game.

Game setting description
This is an open map escape game, you are a escape expert who helping clients to escape, credit is your life, don’t ask the customer’s identity, purpose and goods, finish task then receive money and improve reputation only. Anyone could send request to you, such as helping bank robbers to escape, helping a girl to escape marriage. Work is not always simple to escape to exit point, you may become city wanted by the police, they will block all exits way, you need to prepare enough food, fuel, energy, tools, etc to survive during these wanted day.

Features in this game:
Open world big map (it may be possible to become 10 times large in the future)
Buying new vehicle
Sightseeing various landscape
Random elements
Various Missions
Reputation system
Money system
Gasoline, food, endurance etc. collecting supply
Survival elements
Weapon system
Various interesting trigger events
Gamephone functions, such as chatting with AI
(There are many other features we are developing…)

About us
QQ Group: 376271108(游戏圈:推好游招队友)
WeChat and QQ Official Accounts(微信和QQ公众号):UNGaming(not only this game,we care for all fun games)

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大逃亡专家/Escape Expert

This is an open world escape game, you are a escape expert helping clients to escape. Work is not always simple, you may become city wanted, police will block all exits way, you need to prepare enough food, fuel, energy, tools, etc to survive during these wanted day.

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