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斩毒:黑与白(Narcotics Police:Black and White)

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"Narcotics Police:Black and White"is a 3D shooting game, the game background for a drug trafficking case, through the game to experience the dark side of the world, to experience a work of anti-drug police. The game, you need to use a real anti-drug police thinking to think. Deep into the most dangerous field, sneak into the most horrifying despair. With the most cunning enemies to fight, destroy the most dangerous drug trafficking organizations, to break the most dangerous anti-social plan.
Become a truly qualified anti-drug police, to protect the people really need to protect.
You are the next hero

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斩毒:黑与白(Narcotics Police:Black and White)

"Narcotics Police:Black and White" is a group of amateur production of the first person independent game, you will experience a drug trade caused by the hijacking case. Save the hostages, kill the criminal leader. And will be the police, undercover two perspectives to experience different experiences.

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