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火箭星战 Star-Rocket Strike

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”Star-Rocket Strike”
When you see the starry sky and the cartoon rockets,
This is my original indie game work : ”Star-Rocket Strike”.
”Star-Rocket Strike” is a third-person shooter game which combines astrology and rockets.
The current version is 1.1.
It’s far from the quality of my ideal work,
but I think the current version is interesting and unique.
During the game development, many friends support me and give me advice.
I hereby express my sincere thanks.
If you have any suggestions or comments,
Please contact me by this platform.

Game Creativity and Features:

  • Unique constellation and rocket combination, the latter part of the plan to reflect the characteristics of human nature into the computer smart script,
    Give the machine to humanistic care, so that the machine has a constellation characteristics of the unique behavior of the way,
    Such as Aries rocket impulse, lion model rocket haughty, virgin model rocket picky.
  • Third-person perspective shooting, optimizing the ballistic shooting mode, reducing the 3D game to the user to bring a little dizzy discomfort.
  • A new study of the ammunition system, the introduction of controlled fun ammunition, adding the original constellation ammunition, so that each game is fun and relaxed.
  • Cartoon style style with light baking scene, carefully designed the door location, to show a developer to improve the internal structure of the scene.
  • In the traditional team competitive model to join the survivor competitive mode, in the ammunition Feiteng feel survived, not only for the new user tailored cheating model, soothing the body and mind.

    Storm Workshop official discussion QQ group: 264690383, welcome to join, to discuss the exchange.

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火箭星战 Star-Rocket Strike

”Star-Rocket Strike” is a third-person cartoon-style shooting game which combines astrology and rocket elements.
Try to attack the enemy with each characteristic ammo, protect the partner, enjoy the free shooting adventure together! [/ b]

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