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Mysteries Dragon Chess is a chess about war,Similar to chess,Dragon is similar to king, But the game plays is not the same to chess,Mysteries Dragon Chess is a new chess,Mix together chess and card game plays.The body is chess,The spirit is card.
Mysteries Dragon Chess Pieces
The pieces are 13 types beasts and birds and fish.+ dragon.Every pieces have attack value and defense value, You can eat opponent pieces if your pieces attack value greater than or equal to opponent defense value.
In Kill Dragon mode,Dragon atk:10. def:10 Other mode Dragon atk:fire def:mental
Land Beast
Tiger atk:7 def:5 Lion atk:5 def:7. Bear atk: 5 def:5 Leopard atk:5 def:3 Wolf atk:3 def:5
Sea Beast
Whale atk:8 def:8 Shark atk:6 def:6 Crocodile atk:4 def:4 Dolphin atk:2 def:2
sky Beast
Condor atk:8 def:2 Eagle atk:6 def:4 Vulture atk:4 def:6 falcon atk:2 def:8
Mysteries Card
11 types,32 in total.Two cards can be combination.
(mental,fire,water,soil,tree)*4 (wind,cloud,thunder,electricity,sun,moon)*2

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This game is a new chess plays,new rule,new framework .It's a game about eastern dragon against western dragon.Simulation of nature. A variety of elements.A variety of plays.Pay attention to strategy as well as to rely on luck.It Can bring extraordinary fun.

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