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神社的百合香 ~ Floral Aroma in the Shrine

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How to Play:

This game is a visual novel.
There are Five chapters in this game with no side story or other ending. Players may need more than one hour to finish this game.


“From now on… Marisa… you have move on…”
“No… Reimu…Don’t go…”

I take a bite of an apple…
A taste of rotten apple permeated in my mouth…

How long since Reimu gone?
Three days? A week? Two weeks?
I don’t even want to think about it…

I close my eyes and fall into the river of thoughts…
And yet, I cannot forget that moment…


-This is a Touhou Project fan game.
-The game has some levels of changes of the setting from the original game and contains breakdown of characters and Yuri.

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神社的百合香 ~ Floral Aroma in the Shrine

《Floral Aroma in the Shrine》is a short Vision Novel Touhou Project Fan Fiction game. The main story is about a love story of Reimu and Marisa. Player will be playing as Marisa and experience her side of the story happened in Hakurei Jinja.

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