"Magic Light" is a FPS project of space science fiction theme, two partners destroyed by a worm because of an accidental transmission base. Can they still return to raising their own planet? How much of the world’s secrets are hidden on this planet? This is not only for Chinese subtitles, but also joined the Chinese dubbing, to help players immersed in them.

Summary Description:
   Into the game player grabbed around the red planet with the handlebar into the mission of the planet, sent to the base station, players need to follow the "captain" command, with the handle grab teammates handed weapons attack invaders. In the game, insects will launch bullets to attack human beings. Players need to move your body from bullets up and down, if not effectively evade the enemy attack, the player character will gradually decline due to the value of their lives and eventually die leading to the end of the game. Each new battle will be more difficult to open, blocking the iron gates of insects as the game is destroyed, insects attack again and again led to our lack of ammunition, we must eliminate insects as soon as possible to end the fight and return to our planet . Come on, pick up the weapon and destroy the worms!

Monsters in the game Category: reptiles, extraterrestrial flight life; large battleship flying enemy aircraft, both disturbing remote units also have your face melee;

Weapon Category: players will get a variety of weapons as the progress of the process. Each weapon has a special attack and combat effectiveness

BGM: Shooting with an intense BGM and a slightly challenging mid-difficulty makes the player immerse yourself in the battle of fun instantly 🙂

Key Features Tips:
1. Handle grab around the red planet into the mission
2 Move your body to avoid bullets in all directions
3. Shake up and down the handle – replace the magazine
4. Eliminate long-range monsters in a timely manner to avoid invalid hemophiliacs

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I am a Milky Way administrator from the Imperial Army. This time I was serving at a small base station 200 light years away from Earth. Although the Zerg had been defeated by the Empire for half a century, some insects still threatened us. The two partners destroyed the transmission base due to insects, can not be sent back to their own planet, the empire sent me to the base station to help partners. I thought it would be easier to carry out this task, but the tragedy began when it was delivered to the base station. Can we still return to raising our own planet? How much of the world's secrets are hidden on this planet? This is not only for Chinese subtitles, but also joined the Chinese dubbing. "Magic Light" scene gorgeous cool, special effects straight into the sky; by the original Tencent team to create

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