Our game is Chinese only right now, but later,maybe it won’t
  • Turn-base game
    By using turn-base battle,We hope you may have more time to formulate your tactics.
  • Top_down perspective
    By using top_down perspective,We hope the 3D game vertigo can be avoided.
  • Customize your heros
    In Hoog’Land,you can customize your heros by many traditional ways such as enhance your skills and weapons,but also we prepared a territory for your men which you may develop the constructions to earn more event and support.
  • Variety event
    We try to make the HoogLand realistic and believable,so we prepared many quest and more dungeons to help you experience a wonderful and enjoyable adventure.
    The world is waiting for you,and we are looking forward to our first meeting there…

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The Story of Hoogyuan is happened in a fantasy world be named of "HoogLand", which is full of alien culture, magic knowlage and technological creation. The war between two empires lasted for a long time, living in this age, you can create your own legend as a man, but not a hero.

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