Overwatch Christmas Update Is Now Live


Overwatch‘s Christmas event, first teased last week, has gone live, bringing new skins and more to the game.

As with previous seasonal events, Winter Wonderland replaces the standard loot box with a winter one, which provides a chance to unlock the new items. There are skins–see them all here–voice lines, emotes, player icons, victory poses, highlight intros, and more to obtain. A selection of these can be seen in the trailer below. You’ll receive a free icon and loot box just for logging in.

There’s also once again an event-specific Brawl mode. Mei’s Snowball Offensive pits two teams of six against each other on Ecopoint Antarctica, with everyone playing as Mei, who wields a snowball gun. It can shoot only a single time before needing to be reloaded at a pile of snow on the map. (Her Ultimate is also different, allowing her gun to repeatedly fire without retreating to a snowpile.) Rounds are single-elimination, and the goal is to beat the enemy team three times.

Additionally, there’s a Winter Mystery brawl where your character is randomly selected each time you respawn. Two maps, Hanamura and King’s Row, have been decorated for the holiday.

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Winter Wonderland is available from now until January 2. All of the new Christmas-themed items can only be unlocked before then, though you’ll be able to continue using them throughout the year.

We’re checking out the event and opening loot boxes on a livestream right now–you can watch along here.


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