PC Port Report: Watch Dogs 2


The PC port for Watch_Dogs, on release, barely managed to run. It was missing graphical features found on consoles and looked nothing like the initial trailer shown in 2012. Not much of what Ubisoft had claimed about the port was present and an “extreme” texture option was locked away behind code. It took months of patches to finally get into a working state, but it still haunts the publisher as one of the worst bait and switches of its history.

Thankfully for the sequel, Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft has upped its game. The port (or, rather, PC version) isn’t perfect, but it’s a far cry from how crippled the first game was. It also doesn’t lack any graphical features from the console versions and even offers 4K support for GPUs that can handle it.

PC Port Report: Watch Dogs 2 screenshot

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