Horizon Zero Dawn E3 2016 vs 2017 Taipei Game Show Early Graphics Comparison

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Horizon Zero Dawn will be the one of the best looking games of this generation with all its procedurally generated environment and kickass graphics straight from Guerilla Games. Few days ago thanks to Taipei Game Show held in Taiwan a new gameplay video emerged showing, what seems to be current build of the game. Lets compare it to already published gameplay and try to find what has been changed since last years E3 Demo.

Before you watch below video please note that the quality of latest gameplay isnt the best possible, nevertheless differences such as a changed grass and trees (seen in 1:07 min. of the video) can be easily spotted. Of course some may say that this is the way how the procedurally generated environment works, but looking closely we can clearly see changes in matter of textures.

[Source: skewednet.net ]

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