Microsoft Transitioning Xbox Into Live Service Model, Says Analyst

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Today’s news regarding the cancellation of the Xbox-exclusive Scalebound is indicative of Microsoft’s transition of the Xbox brand and its games towards a ‘live service’ model, according to a prominent gaming analyst. In a series of tweets posted earlier today, Niko Partners’ Daniel Ahmad, perhaps better known by his Twitter handle ZhugeEX, set out his belief about the direction Microsoft is heading in with the Xbox brand: “My take on all this, and I’ve been seeing this for a while, is that Microsoft is transitioning all their games to the ‘live service’ model. Basically Microsoft want to have their games emulate what Minecraft has been able to do: long lifecycle; large user base; increased spend. Microsoft’s future direction is about being able to offer the Xbox games and live services on multiple devices that run Windows 10. Here are some truth facts about Microsoft’s Gaming Division. (W10/XBX) + Xbox Live users/rev is up + Xbox software rev is up + XBL users are spending more per

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