Is Nudity Enough to Sell Conan Exiles?

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Conan Exiles is the latest early access sensation. Everyone’s talking about its endowment sliders and depiction of the human body. But, could this character creator really be a reason to buy the game?

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  1. its so redicoulus how far the ‘Community’ in general makes sucha huge fuss about this
    the human body is beutiful and natural, why should any one be a shamed of it

    if we make a big deal out of it then it will forever be a big deal.
    how will our kids ever get to that state of mind if everyone gets so worked up about our own bodies,

    thats more sick then anything out there…. there are WAY worrse things out there then nudity

    besides this is 3D, animated nudity, like lets sensor everything that will probably help our kids respect the things even more


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