What could be in store for Metal Gears 30th anniversary?

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This year marks a special occasion. On July 13th 2017 the Metal Gear series will have its 30th anniversary. On July 13th 1987 the first game in the series, simply called Metal Gear, was released in Japan for the MSX2 system. So, what will Konami do to celebrate this special occasion? As we all know, the company went through a bit of a crisis when the creator of the series and long-time employee Hideo Kojima left, along with several others who have been important to the series. On top of that, Konami closed their brand new Los Angeles studio. However, the company is still planning to continue working with the series, and it remains extremely important to them. Of course, we have Metal Gear Survive coming, but other than that we havent heard much from Konami in regards to Metal Gears upcoming 30th anniversary. So what else could the studio do to celebrate and pay tribute to the past three decades of one of the biggest and most beloved franchises in gaming?

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