Gran Turismo Sport Hands-on at PAX East 2017 | FanBolt

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FanBolt writes: “Im a huge racing fan. It doesnt matter if its the most realistic of simulation or the craziest of arcade, Ill play them all. I love speed, pretty visuals, and pushing engines to their limits to be the first to see the checkered flag.
I had an opportunity last weekend to spend some time with Gran Turismo Sport at PAX East 2017. While its a game I could have easily used an entire tank of gas on, I unfortunately only had about 20 minutes to sit in the drivers seat. During that time, however, I got my hands on familiar controls that were all probably used to at this point from the GT series. The game felt good to play as I made sure to race down a track Im so incredibly familiar with, Nürburgring. Ill never get tired of that course.”

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