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:Jed Pressgrove:

“By overwhelming players with tons of stuff to do, see, and collect in a free zone, open-world video games speciously condition us to believe that more is better. The audiovisual beauty alone of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is liable to convince you that this is actually true. The latest entry in the storied Legend of Zelda series invites players to gaze at and traverse natural wonders as diverse as dry grassy valleys and slippery mountainsides. And throughout your adventures, you may stumble upon technologically advanced temples that walk, or tucked-away cities where citizens remark about the harshness of the landscape. If you sneak up on monsters guarding a road, you can sense a collegial expressiveness in their grunts, and you may wonder what malicious tales they might have told each other as they sealed shut the treasure chests that the games hero, Link, seeks to pry open.”

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