Why Going Last Was The Wrong Move For Microsoft And Xbox Scorpio

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Forbes’ Paul writes: “We have now seen the second launch of the three major pieces of video game hardware being released this year with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch last week. Before that was Sonys PS4 Pro in the fall, which has helped run up the total of PS4s sold to well over 50 million at this point.

The continued success of PS4 with the addition of the Pro, and now Nintendos newfound success with at least very strong up-front Switch sales is starting to make me a little bit worried for Microsoft here. Sometimes, there are advantages to going last, as you may end up with the most refined, or in this case, powerful product. But the problem is that if everyone has liked what your competition has put out before, unless you really make an impact, too many ships may have already sailed.”

[Source: forbes.com ]

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