Disabled CS:GO Player Bullied And Kicked From ESEA Match Despite Being A Top Player

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GameRevolution: “Loop is an example of someone who deals with toxic behavior on a routine basis. Born with a disease which has left him legally blind and deaf, he is able to play video games, albeit with significant handicap. As seen on Twitch, he plays with his face just a few inches from the monitor, relying on incredible aim and situational awareness to make up for his poor vision and inability to hear footsteps, to a point where he’s currently ranked Legendary Eaglea rank that only 9% of the community has ever achieved.

After visiting the dentist for a serious operation which further impacted his speech, Loop queued up for a competitive match in CS:GO. Specifically, he entered a game on ESEA, one of the most highly competitive third-party platforms available for the game.”

[Source: gamerevolution.com ]

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