Japanese Gaming Is Back- But So Far, It Looks Like Only Sony and Nintendo Are Benefitting From It

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Over the last ten years, the narrative that Japanese games are now irrelevant, that they don’t matter, has become increasingly prevalent. In the wake of the PS2 era, the Japanese market contracted tremendously, and we were left with smoldering ruins. After the PS2, Japanese developers, who have traditionally supported one system en masse, had three equally appealing (or unappealing) options- the Xbox 360, which was easy to develop for, but which had no cachet in Japan whatsoever; the PS3, which should have logically succeeded the PS2, but which was insanely difficult and expensive to make games for, and was failing in the market (at least at first); and the Wii, which was easy and cheap to develop for, and selling a lot, but which didn’t have a audience that would purchase most serious, high end console games.

[Source: gamingbolt.com ]

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