I’m Sorry, Nintendo. I Was Wrong About The Switch

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Forbes: “I had a feeling a few weeks ago, sipping old fashioneds and challenging strangers to Mario Kart during a sunny Friday happy hour. It was the same feeling I had a few weeks before that, obsessively questing across the vast expanses of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in search of tiny puzzles embedded in cliffsides and in lakes. It was a feeling that I had back at GDC, when I asked a friend how he was enjoying his Switch and he said that it was in his bag, and we could just play it if I was curious. It was a feeling that I had, to be honest, back when I played Arms for the first time at a preview event and discovered that this completely left field fighter was, actually, excellent. It sounds vague, but really it’s not. The feeling isn’t all that hard to articulate, actually. It’s the feeling that the Nintendo Switch is great.”

[Source: forbes.com ]

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