So I’m Left Wondering… What’s the Point Of Xbox One X?

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GAMING So Im Left Wondering Whats the Point Of Xbox One X?
ByShaun2k5Posted on June 12, 2017
So Microsoft just lifted the lid on Xbox One X, the latest addition to the Xbox family. Its the high-end device console gamers need at least Microsofts marketing screams. But watching the conference, and seeing reaction from those around me, Im left with one huge question; whats the point of it?

Of course if youre looking to invest in a full 4K setup, $500 is a drop in the ocean. But Xbox One X really doesnt feel like a day one purchase for the many. Robbed of true exclusives, the argument for existing Xbox One owners to rush out and upgrade is already mute they can access the same catalog of titles. The sweeteners like 4K Blu-Ray are nice additions for sure, but those dont sell the consoles gaming capabilities. If Microsofts aim here was to sell the Xbox One X as a must-buy, it really struggled.

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