How The Order: 1886 Put Me To SleepAnd Then Woke Me Up

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Shaz Mohsin says: “The Order: 1886 is a good game. A game that was crushed by expectations of what a $60 game should look like. Even if it may not be worth it at $60, its a game that is a solid deal at $40, a bargain at $20, and a steal for anything less. With decent gunplay, a good number of fairly creative guns, alongside an impeccable visual design, this game from an eagle eyed view, is a simple and inoffensive addition to the third-person shooter genre. But its when you go into it, and look closer, and play it for what it is a cinematic experience is when you truly appreciate what this game offers. Although it may be riddled with QTEs, but the way in which the game utilizes those QTEs in specific moments to provide the sense of immersion in a brilliantly told, and brilliantly weaved narrative, voiced by capable actors that bring these characters to life, results in a game that I am happy to let play itself, simply to enjoy the story thats being told.”

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