6 Months Without Big Launches Take Their Toll Xbox Sales in the USA Give Way to Competition

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This year 2017 will be remembered by many as the year in which Microsoft has made more mistakes. The cancellation of Scalebound, the first AAA drought during the first 6 months of the year … Luckily good things have arrived, such as Xbox Game Pass or the announcement of many games during E3.

However, the general perception remains negative. The balance of errors seems to have weighed and not even the price declines of Xbox One S have slowed down the inevitable. And is that the gap of sales between PS4 and Xbox is approaching a million difference in the USA in just over half a year, more than 890,000 consoles to be more accurate according to the NPD Group. In fact in July, Xbox is the fourth console below the Nintendo Switch.

[Source: translate.google.com ]

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