The Nintendo Switch Faces a Challenge in the Fall

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The Switch is doing well for Nintendo. It had already been guessed that based on how hard the thing is to find and how much everyone has been talking about it, but Nintendo’s recent financials made things abundantly clear: the Switch is selling well, and the future looks good. The new console has been the gaming story of the spring and summer, mostly because of how captivating the little device is on its own. But there’s been another factor there too: a lack of competition. The spring release date was initially met with skepticism, but it’s obviously worked in Nintendo’s favor. From release until now, nothing has really arrived that’s been big enough to draw the console gaming conversation away from the new piece of hardware, and Nintendo has helped this along with a staggered release schedule that ensured the Switch would have something new to talk about every month. That, however, changes in September.

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