Guy Donates Entire $300k Savings On Twitch, Fakes GoFundMe Page To Recoup Debt

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EB: “AC Royale was considered king of the donators, with a long history of sending tens of thousands of dollars to popular Twitch streamers. In one case he donated $60,000 to Ninja. In another, he sent $10,000 to JGhosty. With over $300,000 spent on donations, he was someone that community members knew well, and was reason for some of the most popular highlight videos in Twitch history. There was nobody quite like him.

So, it came as a big surprise when yesterday a GoFundMe page was published by his supposed fiance, Charlotte Foster. The post was asking for £10,000 (over $13,000) for AC Royale’s hospital bills after he was hit by a car.”

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