Some games are better left in the past, and Phantom Dust appears to be one of them

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Gamesradar: “Sometimes theres nothing better than revisiting an Xbox old game you love. Sure, they rarely quite live up to modern standards, but they can be like a comforting digital hug thanks to the familiar surroundings and sense of nostalgia. Other times its just nice to treat yourself to a bit of a history lesson for a classic that youve missed.

After all, there are so many that deserve a second chance, perhaps all gussied up with an HD touch-up and some extra little treats. So with that in mind I recently decided to pick up Phantom Dust, since a fair few people had raved about the original and how unique it is. I figured Id discover something new by playing it and maybe learn a thing or two about games from that era. But all I did was leave disappointed.”

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