6 Xbox One Exclusives PS4 Owners Should Be Jealous Of

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PS4 has an army, Xbox One has a Cuphead.

PlayStation 4 purists are a lucky bunch of gamers who have been rewarded for their loyalty with masterpiece exclusives like Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Tales of Berseria and Persona 5.

Like a fat kid at a buffet with rich food, PS4 players gobble up all the good games before any starving Xbox One players can even take a whiff, and even when Microsoft do get their hands on a tasty exclusive like We Happy Few, Sony almost immediately snatch it and force them to share.

However, while a lot of Xbox Ones leading titles in the past have been exclusives strictly for a year or less – with Rise Of The Tomb Raider being the most prominent example – there are a few games that will never find themselves on the stacked plates of sweets for PlayStation 4 owners.

Almost all of Microsofts famous exclusive titles like Gears Of War pale in comparison to Sonys most celebrated treasures, but the Xbox library undoubtedly has gam…

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