Capcom Should Make A Sequel To Okami Instead Of A HD Re-Release

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Okami – which has players controlling the goddess Amaterasu in wolf form, and literally painting life back into the world – is regarded as a modern classic. The game “represents a pure, resolutely Japanese vision, and is all the more appealing for it.”. The HD re-release of Okami, PS4 version, is currently the 18th best selling game on Amazon (or 6th if you exclude the cards, consoles, and controllers) and has consistently been in the top 30 since Amazon put the pre-order up. With all the excitement about an updated re-release, however, speculation about an Okami sequel is still rampant. Although the release of kamiden helped tide fans over, there just wasn’t’ the depth that the original had. A sequel could explore the continuance of the original, with a new twist.

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