This Week At Bungie 10/05/2017

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This week at Bungie, we know the score.

The banners that fly in the Tower tell a truth that we have all known for some time: Dead Orbit is the faction that rules the hearts of the most Guardians. Do they all think they look better in black? Or are they just a generally moody bunch? We may never know the true motivations that sent them into the wild to express their loyalty through action.

What we know for certain is that Arach Jalaal is the champion of this first Faction Rally. His victory was not undisputed. Each faction put some respectable points on the board. Once the 61 Million reward packages were counted, Dead Orbit emerged the most profitable faction by a margin of more than 2 Million. New Monarchy was a close second. Future War Cult was an even closer third.

As promised, Dead Orbit has a prize on offer. If you pledged to them, it will be a steal. If you did not, but you still gotta have it, theyre about to steal from you. That will be the price of you…

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