For Microsoft, 2017 Was Mostly a Year to Forget

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2017 is surely in the conversation for one of the best years weve ever seen in the gaming industry. Slick new hardware and literally dozens of exceptionally good video games mean that itll likely be remembered as a golden era for the current generation. Nintendos return to ascendancy has been astonishing to behold, with stunning new games and a hybrid console that everyone wants to get their hands on. Sony, too, continued to accelerate away from its competition as a result of its knock-out blow of well-received exclusive titles. The PS4s recently confirmed 70 million lifetime haul shows no signs of slowing down, and Tokyo will indeed look back on 2017 with fond memories.

Microsoft, however, hasnt been nearly as involved. The company spent most of the year talking up 4k resolution, HDR, and the teraflops of its latest Xbox One X console, which didnt launch until November. Where other publishers enjoyed their time celebrating game releases and shining under the industry spotl…

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