The Case For Buying A Nintendo Switch Instead Of An Xbox One X

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Forbes: Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. When we’re thinking about whether or not we should buy Microsoft’s just-released Xbox One X, it should be pretty clear what sort of customer we’re looking at. This is first run, early adopter tech with a $499 price tag to match– it’s aimed at people with 4K TVs that place a high priority on graphics technology. None of this should be surprising, but it informs the situation we’re going to talk about in this article. The person thinking of buying an Xbox One X almost definitely already owns either a standard Xbox One, PS4 or PS4 Pro. They’re early adopters, after all, and they’ve likely had that machine for a while. There are likely people who are considering an Xbox One X as an intro to this console generation, but they’re not who we’re going to be talking about here.

So you’ve got an Xbox One or PS4, and you’re looking to get some more gaming hardware in 2017. For me, the obvious answer is to buy a Nintendo Switch. These…

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