We Might Never see Another Game like Resident Evil 4

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More than ten years later, it still hasnt been topped: Resident Evil 4s opening remains the yardstick by which all others must be measured. No doubt some will make a compelling argument for The Last Of Us, though repeat plays reveal how Naughty Dog ensures the players arms and legs are kept firmly inside the ride at all times. Inside this spartan Spanish village, however, youre the one pushing things forward: barricading doorways, leaping through windows, sprinting, spinning, shooting, kicking. Three, four, five plays later this exhilarating fusion of scripting and player-prompted mayhem still has the capacity to unsettle, from a glimpse of the immolated corpse of the policeman who drove you here to that first yelp of un forastero, through to the insistent revving of a chainsaw motor to the pealing bells that cause los ganados to (quite literally) down tools and trudge off to their place of worship.

And then, of course, that wonderfully absurd wisecrack Wheres everyone…

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