Will Xbox One X Or PS4 Pro Have The Best-Looking Games In 2018?

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Microsoft had one very important job this fall. By releasing its new supercharged Xbox One X, it had to change the conversation: it had to make the Microsoft name synonymous with graphical power in the console space, and it had to make sure that everyone who cared about this sort of thing knew that there was only one, unambiguous answer as to which living room machine could deliver the most-impressive technical specs on the market. By all accounts, Redmond has been successful. Say what you want about the Xbox One X and whether or not a graphical upgrade is worth the price, but that’s a philosophical question more than anything. For now, we chalk up an important win for Microsoft: it now sells the most powerful console on the market, something it hasn’t done for a long time.

It puts Sony’s competition, the PS4 Pro, in an awkward spot. It’s a premium console with a premium price, but it’s not the most powerful machine on the market. Many have long been skeptical of the marginal ut…

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