N4G: A Reminder About Rumors

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Christopher writes: “With the Holiday Season over and no major gaming news event until late Spring, it’s time to remind everyone of our policy regarding rumors, which have been increasing in regularity and will continue until May.

In this day and age it’s easy to get carried away and mislead by any source on what might be happening in the industry. This is why we’ve used the following guidelines to limit the amount of non-credible rumors on N4G.


a) rumors are not allowed from anonymous sources unless the rumor is based on a photo or image;

b) spoken or written word rumors must come from a credible source with a history of being an insider in the industry or the like and not from any random Internet user;

c) video or image-based rumors that look easily faked are not allowed;

d) speculation is not a rumor and is not allowed, what someone ‘thinks’ is an opinion and not a statement that something will happen;


We encourage all users to use the submission repo…

[Source: n4g.com ]

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