Who Will Have a Better 2018, Microsoft or Sony?

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Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: “Last year, when we asked the very same question, the answer was fairly obvious. Sony had everything going for them into 2017 including a strong, vibrant platform, a healthy lineup of games and the luxury of being the console leader and the top of mind platform whenever someone mentioned gaming. On the other side of the coin, Microsoft had an all around dull 2017, with few games released for their system and most of their major titles sliding to 2018 (seriously check out the list in last years article). But going into 2018, theres a real optimism that the console war will be just that. Microsoft has a rejuvenated platform thanks to the Xbox One X launching recently and their first party lineup is better than its been in years. Of course Sony is no slouch either and is also primed to have a strong 2018. So now that the calendar is reading 2018, let us ask the question again who will have the better 2018, Microsoft or Sony?”

[Source: link-cable.com ]

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