I Was Wrong About God of War

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“The original God of War released whenever I was thirteen years old, which you would think is the perfect age to play a gory, mature, and quite frankly, badass video game. However, I just wasnt very intrigued by it. I played a couple hours and it just didnt resonate with me. Maybe it was because I was still deep in the trenches of Resident Evil 4, or maybe I was subconsciously being a Nintendo fanboy looking for reasons to not like something on a rival platform (Yeah, kids are dumb). However, with how incredible the new (semi-reboot) God of War for PlayStation 4 is looking, I finally felt the urge to give the original God of War a second chance. Guys, I was wrong, God of War is f***ing awesome.” — PlayStation Enthusiast

[Source: playstationenthusiast.com ]

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