Shadow Of The Colossus on PS4 Has Even Better Reviews Than Shadow Of The Colossus on PS2

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Woe is the studio that winds up with a remake like this. Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most beloved video games in the medium’s four-decade-long commercial history, a strange, contemplative marvel that was neither of its time nor ahead of it, but rather a curiously singular masterpiece that nobody has even quite tried to imitate since. The PS4 version is not a port or a remaster but a ground-up remake, something you rarely see in the modern industry. That means that Bluepoint Games’ task, essentially, was to make Shadow of the Colossus, just to do it again, twelve years after its initial release. To say that there’s a pressure there is an understatement.

It makes it all the more shocking how well it works.

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