Could We Be Seeing A New Onimusha?!

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Earlier this month Capcom filed trademarks for Onimusha in many markets outside of Japan including Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, as well with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. This is exciting news as we haven’t seen an Onimusha game since Capacom released a port of Onimusha Soul in 2014 to the PlayStation 3. Yoshinori Ono (Capcom Producer)did state in 2016 that discussions to revisit the series were in “High Levels”. It’s a loved series that has a good base following that I truly think people would love to play. So will it get a release this year or next, I have a feeling we will have to wait and see what happens at E3 this year. But one thing is for sure, I’m totally picking this up if, in fact, it does come out.

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