‘God Of War’ Review: The Best God Of War Game In A Decade | Forbes

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Dave Thier: “This new God of War does that for Norse mythology, but in a different way: we still have the grandeur here and there, between the massive, stone-swinging trolls, the great coiled World Serpent and a few other pieces of set dressing I won’t spoil. But it does something beyond that, too, giving us a much more involved look at the twisted family drama that make up these stories as well. The Gods here are more human then they’ve ever been, and there’s something as captivating about that as there was about the larger-than-life absurdity of characters like Poseidon and Hades in the original series. God of War works for what it keeps and works for what it changes. It’s a foundation for a series that’s suddenly a tentpole once again.”

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