The real reason Metal Gear Survive flopped

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Metal Gear Survive never had a chance. When Konami introduced the survivalist take on one of gaming’s biggest and most prestigious franchises, fans greeted the reveal with skepticism. Public demonstrations and open betas did little to assuage their fears. Metal Gear fans are simply too passionate, too loyal, and have been burned by Konami too many times to react any other way.

So of course Metal Gear Survive flopped, failing to crack the top of the charts in its fist week of release. Reports abound about all the ways in which Metal Gear Survive failed to live up to the sales of its predecessors. Some reports have pointed out that even Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance the Platinum Games-developed game starring everyone’s least favorite character, Raiden performed much, much better. 

But really, what other option was there? Before it even came out, Metal Gear Survive had been tried in the court of public opinion and was found guilty. But why were fans so opposed to Konami’s so…

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