From a Former Trophy Addict: Turn Off Notifications

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Into the Spine: “Im addicted to feeling a sense of accomplishment. Its the one thing in life that makes me feel important and that I actually have a purpose as I fumble around on Earth. Very little is more fulfilling to me than successfully ticking something off my to-do list. Ultimately, I live for the thrill of knowing that Ive achieved something through my own hard work. While this mindset is undeniably great for productivity, its completely counterintuitive in other parts of my life.

For example, my attitude of needing to achieve something wound up bleeding into my main source of entertainment: gaming. If I was playing through a game, it wasnt enough to simply enjoy my time with it. No, there was a list of tasks I had to complete in the form of trophies and achievements. What shouldve served as an optional way to have fun quickly became a necessary accomplishment if I wanted to feel like my time spent with a title wasnt a complete waste.”

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