A-Political Stance: Games and Politics Cannot Be Separated

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Late last month, OnlySPs parent company Enthusiast Gaming, in collaboration with Russ Pitts, announced the purchase and revival of The Escapista formerly well-regarded gaming site that, in later days, has been seen as a hotbed of political engagement. In the post announcing the news, Pitts said that one of his goals as Editor-in-Chief of the website would be to leave politics at the door, and that claim sparked a debate about the value and relevance of social topics within video games. Sources commenting on the reopening confused Pittss statement with a claim for apoliticism, which was never written in the original post, and the two ideas should be be conflated. Choosing not to discuss politics is not the same as not having an opinion, and, indeed, for any media outlet to claim the latter would be ignoble.

[Source: onlysp.com ]

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