Which DC Comics Character Should Get The Spider-Man PS4 Treatment

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On this Episode of The Trophy Room: A PlayStation, Hosts Joseph and Fiona talk about, whether or not Spider-Man PS4 could be the week for PlayStations best retail performance yet. Spider-Man hype becomes too much to handle, what their hopes and fears are for the game. Also, which DC character would you like to see get the Spidey treatment? Polygon ditches review scores, and what this could spell for the rest of the industry. Sony attitude towards Cross-Play becomes increasingly arrogant. Can Battlefield 5s delayed launch help the games release, or is it too little too late? Henery Cavill is our new Geralt of Riva, in the Netflix Witcher series. Lastly, is Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout mode finally getting us excited?

[Source: thepolinetwork.com ]

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