Is PS4 Spider-Man the greatest superhero game to date?

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Beenox and Activision’s final attempt with The Amazing Spider-Man 2s film tie in was weak, and so Insomniac were handed the reigns. At E3 2016, their game was finally unveiled, and with that expectations shot through the roof. Insomniac games are an incredibly talented developer. Boasting a portfolio featuring (but not limited to) the original Spyro the Dragon Trilogy; Ratchet and Clank; Resistance; and the criminally underplayed Sunset Overdrive, its clear that this is a very talented studio. With colourful level design, mind-boggling gadgets and weapons, and lovable characters, Insomniac have created a world of experiences throughout many years of our lives. So could they live up to the hype, and create the Arkham of Spider-Man games, and even top it?

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