Sony’s Done an Outstanding Job with PSVR

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PushSquare: I remember prior to the release of PlayStation VR there was a lot of chatter on this site in particular that Sony would scrap the headset like previous platforms should it fall short of expectations. To be fair, the organisations track record isnt great: the EyeToy was prematurely given the boot, opening the market for Microsofts more advanced Kinect; the PS Move motion controllers despite later becoming a pivotal part of the PSVR experience were largely left to die on the PlayStation 3; and the PS Vita, for many, still stings.

But last weeks State of Play presentation attracted criticism for one major reason: for some outspoken social media users, there was too much PSVR. I really think the Japanese giant deserves credit for the way its managed the headset, because there have been several occasions now where its completely reloaded the devices roster of software, and given owners plenty to look forward to. And the next three months look utterly outstandin…

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