Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Decision to Drop Its Turn-Based RPG Combat is Sadly Ironic

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The much-anticipated remake sacrifices a part of its history.

When Final Fantasy VII first came out out more than 20 years ago, RPGs were still struggling valiantly to break into the American console gaming consciousness. Raised on Super Mario Bros. and arcade games, the majority of western console games rejected RPGs in all their forms. Final Fantasy VII famously broke through that barrier, helping to open the door for all manner of JRPGs.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake would seem to be a tribute to that period. Midgar has been lovingly recreated in all of its Steampunk glory, and Cloud, Aeris, and Barrett look much as they did in the original artwork. By all appearances, it’s just the game fans have been begging for all these years.

This is not the game we played back in 1997 though. The classic ATB gauge is gone. It focuses more on setpieces. It looks like… gulp… an action RPG game.

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