Even the Big “N” Has Some Big Duds: The Worst Games from Nintendo

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Phil writes, “Even the greatest of titans in the gaming industry let loose the occasional stinkers. Perhaps there was a more elegant way of putting that, but at any rate, for the next few weeks, SuperPhillip Central is eyeing the big three first parties of gaming and taking a look at their (very much subjectively speaking) “worst” games.

We begin on this Sunday evening by examining a handful of the blemishes on Nintendo’s record, whether it be as a developer, co-developer, or publisher. For the longest-running player in the industry that still makes consoles and games, you can bet we’ll be revisiting Nintendo someday. However, for now, let’s take a glimpse at some less than favorably viewed games from the Big “N” and its partners.”

[Source: superphillipcentral.com ]

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