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Heavy Rain PC 4K/Ultra Screenshots + PC Graphics Settings + 4K Performance Impressions

DSOGaming writes: “The PC demo for Heavy Rain is finally available on the Epic Games Store and weve decided to test it in order to see how Quantic Dreams ...

PS5 GPU Will Be Based on a New RDNA AMD Architecture Replacing GCN

AMD has announced their next-generation of GPUs at an event during Computex. This also includes the hardware for the PS5 that will be powered by AMD. [Source: t...

As Battle.net removes Activision credit for Destiny 2, Bungie indicates the “new era”

A Battle.net update has removed the Activision credit for Destiny 2, while Bungie has indicated it will soon be ready to discuss a “new era” for bot...

Dauntless vs. Monster Hunter: Which Is Better?

It’s hard not to see the simialrites between Dauntless and Monster Hunter: World, but which game does it better than the other? Let’s compare. [Sour...

Sony Could Be Developing Clothing With Haptic Feedback

If you need any help using the theme then take a look at the tabs to the left. Its great to see Sony still supporting the PlayStation VR, even if it might not h...

Kojima shares Death Stranding teaser

Kojima has shared a short Death Stranding teaser on Twitter. [Source: twitter.com ]

AMD Ryzen 3000 Processors Show Promise in Terms of Gaming Performance, 15% Higher IPC

In the Geekbench single core test, the Ryzen 3rd Gen chip is 15% faster than the Zen+ processors while it’s faster by 25-30% in the multi-threaded test. [...

File size revealed for Nintendo Switch version of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

The file size has been revealed for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on the Nintendo Switch. [Source: gameidealist.com ]

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