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These are the games President Trump believes contributes to youth violence, and they include Wolfenstein, Modern Warfare 2, and more. [Source: ca.ign.com ]

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Sea Of Thieves Review – Oyungezer Online

Less content, single-level playing mechanics and a soulless task and progress system, Sea of Thieves is a failed game. After four or five hours of honeymoon, Pl...

Sea Of Thieves Already Passed One Million Unique Users; Rare Addresses Launch Issues

Sea of Thieves has launched very successfully in terms of numbers, but this is causing issues, and Rare is working hard on fixing them. [Source: dualshockers.co...

Sea of Thieves | Starburst Magazine

Theres no denying that Rare has seen better days. Once the studio which produced classics like Goldeneye and Banjo Kazooie, the developer quickly fell from its ...

New Borderlands Game Seemingly Confirmed Via Tweet

There have been rumors of a new game for a while but Skewed and Reviewed have posted an image of a Tweet they received today from someone associated with the ga...

PS Plus April 2018 Free Games Predictions

Check out the latest predictions from the PlayStation Universe team. [Source: psu.com ]

Sea of Thieves Players Worried About Lack of Cosmetic Items, Amount of Total Content

A number of players have expressed concern about just how customizable the Sea of Thieves experience may be. [Source: ign.com ]

Barlog: God of War Is An Onramp for Everyone; The Last of Us Is The Gold Standard

God of War Game Director Cory Barlog explained that the game doesn’t have any subtitles so that it can be an ‘onramp’ for everyone, including ...

Real-time raytracing is a next-next-gen feature, Seed Tech Demo ran on three NVIDIA Titan V

DSOGaming writes: “We here at DSOGaming have been closely following ray/path tracing rendering techniques in engines. After all, back in 2012, we informed...

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