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These are the games President Trump believes contributes to youth violence, and they include Wolfenstein, Modern Warfare 2, and more. [Source: ca.ign.com ]

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Sea of Thieves is fun until you meet other pirates

Fraser Brown: “More pirates! I shouted at my matey, who well call Andy because thats his name. Wed both cleared our schedules so we could enjoy a leisurel...

Sea of Thieves Kraken Design is Disappointing

Nothing is more iconic in pirate lore than the Kraken, so its inclusion in Sea of Thieves is not surprising. When the creature was first leaked, gamers were sho...

Here Comes a New Challenger – Sony PlayStations Next Handheld

ITS OFFICIAL! The Nintendo Switch is one-year old and with that, is Sony planning to take back its crown as the superior device developer (specs-wise of course!...

Sea of Thieves is sandbox gaming at its purest | EuroGamer

There will be those that hate Sea of Thieves, its limited questing, the unguided experience and the lack of progression-based gameplay rewards. Others, though, ...

PlayStation 5: 7 Things We Want To See From Sony’s Next Console

Cultured Vultures: We’ve got a bit of a shopping list of requests for the PlayStation 5 and its features. Sony, hear us out. [Source: culturedvultures.com...

Sea of Thieves review – It’s a Pirates Life for Me | Elite Gamer

Sea of Thieves is a colourful pirate adventure where you go loot with friends and compete against other players. Elite Gamer played with a few loyal shipmates t...

Fortnite – Boogie Bomb Update

Eric @ Epic writes: “Weve gotten a lot of passionate feedback regarding the Boogie Bomb over the last few days and I wanted to give a quick update. As mos...

Atari VCS: Price, specs, release date and more on the all-new Ataribox console

It will be powered by an AMD customised processor with Radeon Graphics and more. [Source: pocket-lint.com ]

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